Octavia Elizabeth’s ongoing mission is to create beautiful, impactful fine jewelry collections that are wearable for you and kind to the world. Each collection and bespoke piece are carefully considered, using the highest quality materials and ethical production partners to ensure we are reducing waste, supporting fair working conditions and being mindful of our environment. 

We are proud to work with incredible production companies in America and United Nations Fair Trade compliant mines in Canada and female run emerald suppliers, Myne London, employing and giving support to female lapidary workers in Islamabad. Our CEO and Founder oversees all our partnerships and material sourcing, striving to use the most sustainable materials and investing in partnerships that are in line with our principles. 

We’re constantly learning, and we are committed to making the most sustainable choices wherever possible. 

That means…

  • All contractors and suppliers must meet our principles of integrity, including:
    • Ensuring fair working conditions
    • Legitimate living waves
    • Eco and ethical sourcing of materials and production

  • We strive to use the most sustainable materials 
    • 18kt recycled gold
    • Reclaimed Diamonds 
  • We conduct our business in an environmentally responsible manner
    • Minimizing negative environmental impacts
    • Working with recycled 18-karat gold
    • Sourcing United Nations Fair Trade approved precious and semi-precious stones
    • Limiting carbon emissions by keeping production start-to-finish in Los Angeles 

Elegant. Sustainable. Thoughtful.

Wearable jewelry for the modern man and woman.