Our Story 

Designed by Octavia Zamagias and based in Los Angeles, Octavia Elizabeth’s collections are inspired by everyday elegance and luxuries. With a commitment to sustainability, Octavia is focused on creating timeless fine jewelry for modern women and men.

The OE Collection is gainfully made by artisans in Los Angeles and consciously sourced.

“The OE woman collects fine jewelry with an intention to wear each piece daily. She layers for the ultimate statement and is drawn to luxe materials carefully composed and constructed. She doesn’t see “seasons,” purchases with purpose and knows she has an heirloom that will withstand the test of time.”

 About Octavia

Working as a goldsmith and bench jeweler gave Octavia a unique appreciation for the fabrication of fine jewelry. She draws inspiration from her years “at the bench,” mixing old-world jewelry-making techniques with modern innovations. Her signature finish, light hammer and high shine, has a beautiful patina that has captured the laid-back luxury that is today, Octavia Elizabeth.

Hand fabrication coupled with brilliant, bold gemstones encapsulate the collection. Whether a one-of-a-kind piece or a beloved icon from the collection, OE aims to withstand the test of time with quality and design.