Gifts for Bridesmaids

I am such a foundational believer in fewer, better things. I’d rather gift less often and spend more for something than get a box of items that probably add up to the same amount. Simply put, quality over quantity always. Here are some ideas of bridesmaid gifting including what I gave my ladies for my wedding.

Hermes Pampa Scarf 70

Hermès Pampa Scarf 70 

"A scarf from Hermes. If you are getting married out west than this one is perfect. Hermes has so many gorgeous options and it doesn’t need to be so matchy matchy. If you have a mix of friends in your bridal party, all with different styles or even genders—this is a great gift that you can choose accordingly."

Smythson Trinket Case in Sandstone

Smythson Medium Trinket Case

"The Smythson trinket cases are amongst my favorite gifts. You can personalize them and use them for so many different things. Octavia’s Recommendation: No one wants anything engraved with your wedding date on it (sorry!), instead opt to personalize this with the bridesmaids name or initials."

OE Diamond Nesting Gem Bracelet

OE Diamond Nesting Gem Bracelet

"Probably our most popular gifted item from brides to their bridesmaids. Its beautiful and something they will cherish forever."

The Sleeper Feather Pajamas

The Sleeper Feather Pajamas

"Probably the most suspected item on this list, but a gorgeous set of PJ’s everyone will love and it makes for a very cute photo you’ll have forever. I’m also big on thank you notes, so printing the photo and including with your thank you note after your bachelorette is a cute idea. Octavia’s Recommendation: Plan to send a thank you note after your bachelorette to your friends! They deserve to be thanked for loving you during this fun, but stressful time."

OE Nesting Gem Drop Earrings

OE Diamond Nesting Gem Drop Earrings

“I gifted all of my bridesmaids a version of our Nesting Gem Drop Earrings at my bachelorette weekend in Park City. They loved them and wore them well before my wedding day. Though I didn’t have “bridesmaids” exactly, I still felt I wanted to celebrate and commemorate this milestone with them and thank them for making their way to Park City (for my bachelorette) and then Bermuda (for my wedding).”