4 Gifts You Haven't Thought Of Yet


This is for your in-laws, your significant other or your best couple friends… You know your people best, so if backgammon is not their thing, go for the set of cards, chess or checkers sets. They’re beautifully made and I like that it encourages play time.

This is for your girlfriends, sister-in-law’s, nieces… I love all of Santa Maria Novella’s products but these come in a set of three and I love to put them in my drawers to gently scent everything.

A beautiful cashmere blanket that will be passed down and enjoyed past the “baby” stage.

I discovered Johnnycake Books while staying at The Mayflower in Connecticut. His selection is pristine, some collectable and many affordable that if thoughtfully purchased will definitely make a family member or loved one feel like you “get them.” I have my eye on the below for my mom, a gardener.