Our custom clients work directly with Octavia. 

First Step: Initial Consultation – Octavia will walk you through her process, availability and timeline in a 20 minute call. 

Second Step: Diamond/Gemstone Selection – Unlike a traditional brick & mortar store, Octavia utilizes a network of diamond & colored stone wholesalers to secure beautiful options that are within your price point and competitively priced. The gemstone selection process can start immediately following a $500 deposit.

Once we have the stone secured we require a 3/4 deposit on the ring.

Third Step: Rendering –  Once we have the stone selected, Octavia will produce a detailed rendering of your ring. We have Classic Styles that we will customize and blend so that the ring feels perfect for you. 

Final Step: Fabrication Month – Octavia makes 3 to 5 custom pieces a month and often books up a few months in advance. Your $500 deposit taken in Step One will secure your "Fabrication Month." Fabrication begins on the 1st of each month and your ring will ship on the final day of that month. 

Our engagement rings start at $5000. They are priced in 18K Yellow Gold and include insured domestic overnight shipping. 

To learn more about our process please email custom@octaviaelizabeth.com with as much detail as possible.


Octavia Elizabeth, LLC hereby guarantees that any and all mined diamonds are supplied by United Nations Fair Trade suppliers. We receive written assurance from our suppliers that materials are compliant with the United Nations Resolutions and are not from an area of conflict. All Octavia Elizabeth jewelry is sustainably made start to finish in Los Angeles. We will make every effort to ensure that we do not deal in the flow of conflict diamonds. We will accurately disclose the composition of the products we sell. We will strive to constantly improve our transparency in our sourcing. All diamonds in our engagement rings are certified by the Gemological Institute of America or GIA. 

We are proud partners of Diamond Foundry and offer the only carbon-neural lab grown diamond options in the world should you wish to have a lab grown diamond.