Fair working conditions, legitimate living wages and eco and ethical production are all paramount to octavia. all materials are sourced by octavia herself. no goods are produced or finished overseas to limit carbon emission during the transportation phase—instead the pieces are made start-to-finish in los angeles. we believe these principles should be a part of all fine jewelry collections, but until then, they set us apart.


This code is designed to provide all contractors and suppliers of Octavia Elizabeth with guidelines for expected and understood principles of integrity. Many jewelry companies profess integrity when it comes to manufacturing and sourcing, but it is out unique responsibility to make sure that our principles are being upheld. We will now outline our non-negotiable practices below.

  • We will not tolerate money laundering.
  • We will not engage in bribery.
  • We will make every effort to ensure that we do not deal in the flow of conflict diamonds. We will source our diamonds, precious stones and semi-precious stones from United Nations Fair Trade Approved suppliers.
  • We will accurately disclose the composition of the products we sell.
  • We will strive to constantly improve our transparency in our sourcing.


  • We will respect the fundamental human rights of all our employees, business partners and customers.
  • We will conform to all applicable laws related to labor practices with regard to workers’ rights and protections.
  • We are committed to high standards of health and safety in our business.
  • We will not discriminate or degrade against employees in accordance with applicable law.
  • We will adhere to all applicable laws related to working hours and compensation. We will not engage in modern slavery which can include, but is not limited to forced work, debt bondage, domestic servitude or otherwise. 
  • We will strive to be good citizens and contribute to the communities in which we do business.


  • We will strive to conduct our business in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • We will strive to manage our environmental footprint by eliminating or minimizing negative environmental impacts.
  • We will strive to ensure the efficiency of our business operations by managing our use of resources and energy.