Octavia Elizabeth is a Los Angeles based fine jewelry brand started in 2016 by Octavia Zamagias, Founder and Chief Executive Officer. Inspired by everyday elegance and a commitment to sustainability, Octavia Elizabeth is focused on creating timeless fine jewelry for modern women and men seeking wearable and thoughtfully crafted pieces. Octavia Elizabeth pieces are handcrafted in Los Angeles and consciously sourced using the highest quality and ethical materials and mines around the world.

Fair working conditions, legitimate living wages and eco and ethical production are all paramount to Octavia. No goods are produced or finished overseas to limit carbon emission during transportation phase-instead pieces are made start to finish in Los Angeles.


Born in Pennsylvania and based in Los Angeles, Octavia is a bench jeweller and goldsmith who founded her eponymous brand in 2016 after graduating from the New Approach School in Nashville, TN. Octavia founded her brand on her desire to build a fine jewelry company with a commitment to sustainable practices. Comprised of both collections and bespoke work, Octavia’s signature style uses recycled 18kt gold with sustainably sourced diamonds and semi-precious stones in a selection of innovative and elegant cuts.

Octavia oversees all the brand’s production partnerships and stone sourcing, ensuring the highest quality materials in every piece with an emphasis on thoughtful transparency and ethical practices.